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How To Escape A Sinking Car

Just the idea of it will send chills down your spine! Getting trapped in a sinking car can be one of the scariest moments you can think about.

Fortunately its very unlikely that you will get in such situation, your chances are very low. And even if you are the unlucky guy you will have enough time to save yourself and other passengers with you.

What you need to do is following these steps:

1- Don’t Panic

You’ll have up to two minutes for your car to float before sinking. So staying calm is the best thing you can do in this time so you can think clearly and reasonably.

2- Unlock Your Seat Belt

The first thing you should do as soon as your car hit the water is unlocking your seat belt.

This might sound obvious, but in stressful situation unlocking a seat belt can turn into one of the most difficult tasks in life!

So remain calm and unlock your seat belt

You don’t want to wait for water to fill the cabin which will put too much pressure on you, and you may lose concentration, thus finding it difficult to even find your seat belt unlocking button!

3- Open the Window

As soon as you hit the water and untucked your seat belt, open the window next to you, this is your best exit to get out of the sinking car.

While sinking the water will put too much pressure against the doors of the car which will make it so difficult to open. So you should get out of the window as long as the water didn’t reach it yet!

If the water started rushing in through the window, you won’t be able to get out of it as water will push you inside. What you need to do is staying calm and don’t panic.

Just wait until water fills up the car, then you will be able to swim out of the window and even open the door! Now as the car is fully immersed in water, there’s even pressure in and out of it!

But its always better to act fast and get out before the car get fully immersed! If the water didn’t reach the windows yet, and window glass got stuck, break it!

Use a window breaker emergency tool to safely shatter the window if you have one in the car cabin.

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Alternatively you can take off the seat headrest and with one of the metal posts hit the glass at the corner rather than the center.

In the worst case scenario, if you cannot open or break the window, wait until the car gets filled with water. At this moment you should be able to open the door.

If the door next you is stuck try another one. If none would open try to break the window, using a window breaker, a seat headset, or your feet.

4- Don’t Forget the Passengers

Had any passenger being with you, you should instruct them on how to get out before you do. Help children if there’s any, unlock their seat belts.
If the passengers seem to panic, calm them and just ask them to follow you while you manage to get out.

5- Swim to the Surface

Swim out of the car as fast as you can to the surface of water.
If the car is under water, look for any light above and swim toward it or follow the air bubbles as they will be going up.

Be aware of your surroundings when swimming to surface so you don’t get hurt.

6- Seek Medical Attention

Once out hail passing drivers to help you and lift you to the nearest hospital.

Do you totally agree with what i mentioned above ?

If you have something to add, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas in the comment below…

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