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3 Easy Step To Pick Open A Lock With 2 Paper Clips

Today I’m going to show you guys how to pick a lock using a paper clip. What we’ve got here is a standard padlock seven pin padlock. The only difference is obviously this one here is clear so we can see exactly what’s going on inside to help you develop your skills.

You can get this kind of locks online. They’re pretty cheap which is only a few dollars.

The aim of the game is as a whole row of pins up on top that you guys can see that these pins are all cut at different heights. What that does is that locks that Barrel in place and doesn’t allow it to turn.

What you have to do is simply bump up all these pins in line in order to be able to turn that barrel.

What we’re going to do is to use 2 standard paper clips. We’re going to turn them into two little tools so we can pick this lock.

All we’re gonna do is simply bend one of them down on a 45 degree angle and with the other one, we’re just going to bend it out straight all the way.

Once we’ve got a straight, we’re gonna bend the two to meet each other and just fold that down.

Next what you want to do in this case is to squash as much as possible the loop on the top. Once you’re done, that’s what it looks like.

Next thing you want to do is you want to put that loop down the bottom section of your padlock. So we only want to get it in about half a centimeter or so just enough to be able to get it in there and get a bit of grip.

Once you’ve done that, you just want to simply bend that across. So get that in position bend that all the way across. Now you’ve got your tensioning tool.

so once you’ve got your tension already, all you do is slot it in the bottom of the lock. You can see that’s starting to actually turn the lock a little bit.

We’re gonna hold it in place and we’re gonna keep tension on there. One of the biggest mistakes people make is putting too much tension.

We don’t want to actually force it.

We just want to put enough to be able to turn it. The reason why I bend one of the clip on a 45 degree angle is that you can use it as an individual pin pick.

Next we’re aiming to hit those little pins up on the top. That’s what we do is we keep that up on the top section slot it all the way through. In other words, i’m actually moving the pins out of the way.

You slot your pin all the way through and then you simply pull back on all the pins that will give you the raking action.

We will get started by putting the tension with the tensioner in place then we’re going to work these individually.

If you find that the pins are actually really stiff, what you do is just let go of that tensioner. That’ll reset the pins and the pins will all line up once again and then you can start again .

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Insert kahoot Name said I’m going to steal everyone’s lock Not their stuff, just the lock

Nope Nope said Just a disclaimer to the FBI agent watching me watch this, it’s pure curiosity. I don’t plan to use this to enter into anyplace I shouldn’t

Hi Hi said Unlike most people here, I just lost my keys to my lock :/

Tyretes said i have no intention of being a thief, but i need this knowledge

GetInTheVan Wink Wink said I’m not a homeless anymore, thanks mate Edit: 8k? From homeless man to house burglar, thank u everyone specially to this guy thank u so much mate And btw it’s was just a joke, jezzz this generation don’t know the word “JOKE”

DynestiGTI said Nice tutotial! Anyone have a tutorial on how to escape federal poilce?

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