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The shop incorrectly wrote my address on the shipping label and then proceeded to ship. Luckily I got the refund! Might be a good knife but I will never know!

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Arrived as promised! Lightweight and useful!!! Thanks!!!

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Good self defense product. Since it is hard plastic, we need not worry about the metal detectors at the malls and theaters. Shipping was fast. It reached me within 16 days of ordering. Of course, I had to pay for the 18-28 days shipping. But overall a good product. Final rating = Good 5 STARS. 

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Super fast delivery (20 days). Fits the description.

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In the previous post we discussed how to track animals that you might I need to hunt to be your food, or otherwise to hide from if its a wild animal.

Therefore you have to know how to disguise so you won’t get spotted easily.
And here is what you need to do to make the perfect camouflage:

1- Use Proper Apparel

In case you were planning to go to the wilderness then wearing proper clothes for camouflage is much easier than the second method we will discuss later.

Make sure that the color of the clothing matches the environment you will be in. If you are in the arctic, wearing a green military suit will be a very stupid idea, as you will be the easiest thing to spot! A white combination is what you need there!

Cover your head with a hat that matches the environment as well.
Cover your face and any appearing area with dirt or camo cream when in the forest.
Disguise your backpack and boots as well using dirt and grass and leaves.

2- Natural Camouflage

So what if you were not planning at all that you might be in need to disguise, and you had no proper clothing with you, what would you do?

1.Mud Up

You have no other choice than mudding up. Look for mud and start covering all of your body.

Now this might surprise you! This method will work much better on bare skin! So if you are comfort with it, strip naked and make a jump into the mud!

Just get it on nice and thick.

2 Camouflage

Now once you are all covered with mud, you need to look like you are part of the environment around you, and no better way to do this than looking like a small tree.

Therefore you will need to cover the mud on you by using debris, grass, and leaves.

Roll on the ground! This will help all the debris and leaves on the ground to stick to your muddy body.

Also you can use some tree boughs and foliage and wrap them around you. This natural disguise will work much better than using a camo apparel! You will be like a part of the environment you are in, and if you were in an area full of mosquitoes this will help keep them away from you as well!

Share your thoughts and ideas if you come up with any…

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