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Arrived as promised! Lightweight and useful!!! Thanks!!!

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Good self defense product. Since it is hard plastic, we need not worry about the metal detectors at the malls and theaters. Shipping was fast. It reached me within 16 days of ordering. Of course, I had to pay for the 18-28 days shipping. But overall a good product. Final rating = Good 5 STARS. 

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Super fast delivery (20 days). Fits the description.

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Breaking down a door is a crucial skill for escaping a house fire, and one of the steps is knowing your exits, so what would you do if you came across a jammed door?

Of course you will say I’ll kick it open! Amazing! Sounds like a hero move! Or let’s think about a peaceful ordinary day, you have lost your keys and have no spare, and then you decided that you need to break down the door!

So you get a few feet behind, get ready, take a deep breath, you run as fast as you can, jump at the door with all your weight and “BOOM”!

Congratulations! Now you have a dislocated shoulder or maybe a broken ankle! An x-ray image will tell!

Injuring yourself trying to break down a door will make it worse when trying to rescue others or yourself, therefore knowing how to do it the right way is a must!

1- Assess the Door

You must first know which way the door opens by checking the hinges.
If the door opens toward you, breaking it down would be an impossible task! And hence you should forget about breaking it down with a kick!

In such case you should think either about removing the hinges, or use anything as an axe to smash the door!

Some say that you can use a thin object to insert to the lock. You can try it by using the following credit card knife. Click on the image to get it for FREE ( S&H not included )

2- Know the Weakest Part

While knobs are the elements that seal and secure our doors, they remain the weakest spot when trying to breaking down a door.

By delivering a kick to any part of the door away from the knob, the knob will work against you and hold the door from breaking.

But just the area around it is the perfect spot you should target.

3- The Kick

Now you know where you should deliver your Mawashi-geri kick, stay on the ground and pound your heel into the weak spot, using forward momentum to drive your foot through. It could take several kicks to break through. Don’t kick the door knob or the lock itself! This can break your foot! Deliver the kick just in any spot around it!

4- Remember

Do not use your shoulder. Do not use a jump kick. Do not kick the lock itself. Do not try to be soft on the door. Use your maximum force.

What do you think about this ? Have you ever broken down a door successfully ? Tell us about your story.

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