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Each year, more than 25,000 people are killed by dogs worldwide. And according to the CDCP (Centers of Disease Control and Prevention), every year, 4.7 million people get attacked by dogs in the US! Out of these 800,000 cases require medical attention, and 17 lead to death!

Nowadays the number of dangerous dogs is greater than before, and they are everywhere, in cities and rural areas! And because you can’t see or hear one in your neighborhood doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist! Lot of homeowners have fierce dogs that they don’t walk outside!

So what should you do to protect yourself against dog attacks?
1- Be Aware of Dangerous Dogs

The first thing you should do is to be vigilant! Always assume that all dogs are fierce!

Wherever you go be aware of any warning signs about dogs, and in case you saw a dog that sounds dangerous keep a distance from him!

Also don’t try to be the cool guy who pats dogs, even if they sound sweet and little!

A dog that doesn’t know you can get irritated and turn aggressive very easily, so you better think twice next time you see a strange do!

Also you don’t want to smile to dogs! Your white beautiful teeth might attract us humans, but dogs will see it as a sign that you want to attack them! In dogs kingdom teeth are a weapon!

2- Divert the Attack

So you did your best to not encounter fierce dogs or provoke them, but despite of that they seem they are ready to attack you, what should you do in this case?

2.1- Don’t Panic

This is the last thing you want to do. First you will lose focus on how to react, and second the old saying that dogs “sense fear” will work against you There’s a bit of truth about this saying, and you don’t want to prove it with a fierce dog.

So stay calm and don’t panic!

2.2 ignore the dog

The reason a dog will attack you is because he will see you as a threat. So as soon as the dog start barking stand still and avoid eye contact. This will give him the idea that you are not focusing on him, so mostly he will just walk away!

Also avoid wiggling your legs or waving your hands as a way to scare him! This will just make him more aggressive!

2.3- Don’t Run Away

This is one of the worst things you would do! Running away will make a dog
think you are a prey, and he will chase you. And guess what? You will never outrun a dog on your feed Simply he will catch you easily!

As a human your maximum speed is 28mph; a dog can reach the double of this Even Usain Bolt the fastest human on the planet won’t outrun a puppy!

2.4- Distract the Dog

So you have stayed still and avoided eye contact with the dog, but it isn’t helping! He is still barking and looks keen on attacking you! What should you do then?

Try to distract him by offering him anything to bite and chew.

This might be your watch, a bottle of water you are carrying with you, or any other object you can reach. This will give you some time to sneak and escape while he is focusing on the object.

3- Defend Yourself

If the dog is insisting on attacking you and he started approaching you more and more, then you have no other choice than defending yourself!

3.1- Give Commands

Try to give commands to the dog by yelling “sit”, “back away”, or “stay’. Some dog will obey your orders! Use a strong confident commanding voice.

3.2- Put a Barrier between Your and the Dog

If the dog is getting closer and closer, get anything you can reach and use it to be a barrier between you and the dog’s teeth. This can be a garbage can, a stick, or any other object

Can’t find anything? Take off your jacket and wrap it around your arm, this will be the barrier you will use, and you will still have a free arm and two legs to fight.

13- Fight Back for Your Life

Now the fierce dog is getting more and more closer, you have no other choice than fighting him back and you should fight as hard as you can!

Hit and kick him aggressively on the head, and mainly forms on the nose, eyes, ears, and throat.

Think of him as a soccer ball and deliver him a nice free kick to the head!

Use any solid object you might find to hit him with (stick, bars, stones, etc…). This will stun him, and he might back off giving you space to escape.
In case you have a pepper spray in your pocket, this is the right time to use it.

You can bring along something like this , It will help you tremendously.

3.4- Protect Your Face. Neck. & Chest

During your fight with the dog avoid as much as you can to make him close to your face, neck or chest. These are the most vulnerable areas, and bites here will increase your chances of being killed.

In case you fell to the ground, roll onto your stomach, tuck your knees in, and bring a hand up to the back of your neck, at the same time roll a forearm toward the dog’s mouth.

If he is going to bite anything let it be an arm. You don’t want him to bite your neck or face.

Now it’s time to get back to the fight, get up and kick the dog hard on his nose. Couldn’t get up? Aim to his eyes with the other free hand, this is for sure will stop his attack!

3.5- Leave the Scene

Once the dog loses interest in you, slowly leave the area without doing any sudden moves that can induce him to attack you once again.

3.6- Seek Help

If the dog bit you make sure to take care of the wounds. Apply a gentle pressure on the wound to stop bleeding. Wash the wound with soap or clean it with a sterilizer. Dress the wound with a sterile bandage, or a clean cloth. Seek medical attention for the right treatment as the attacking dog might have rabies. Call the authorities so that the dog would be prevented from harming anyone else and also be tested for diseases.

4- Tips & Info

If you have a gun with you, just a shot in the air will make the dog run away.
If you are attacked by a pack of dogs, take down the alpha. Wounding him would send a message to the others that you are the right alpha in the area.
The top dangerous breeds of dogs to always be aware of:

■ Pit bulls

■ Rottweilers

■ Doberman Pinschers

■ Akitas

■ German Shepherds

■ Hybrid-wolves
You should be more vigilant when meeting one of these breeds.

Do you totally agree with what i mentioned above ?

If you have something to add, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas in the comment below…

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