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Mountain lion attacks are pretty rare, about six per year in North America, with 1 deadly attack per year. But if we do the maths, this is more than 14% of the total attacks are being deadly!

So although your chances of being attacked by a mountain lion are so little, you should know that their encounters are deadly! So you should learn how to save yourself!

1- Prevention

The first defense you should put against a lion mountain is to avoid encountering one!

Always hike and travel in groups. Generally predators avoid attacking groups.

Always be vigilant and use binoculars to check if there are any mountain lions in the area.

Just like bears, mountain lions will defend their kittens, so if you come across ones get away as far as you can! Don’t jeopardize your life trying to take photos!

Don’t take dogs with you; they will induce mountain lions to attack you.

2- Once Spotted

Once a mountain lion has spotted you, and is in a close distance:
Do not turn your back to it.
Do not run away. The lion will chase you.
Make yourself look bigger using any objects, make loud noises, scream, and wave your arms. this can scare the mountain lion and make him run away.

3- Once Attacked

If trying to scare the mountain lion is not working, and he is still approaching you, then you have no other chance than defending yourself!
Do not run away.

Do not play dead, as mountain lions are predators and will think you are a dead prey to eat

Fight back using a stick or any object that might be used as a weapon. If none found, use your bare hands and legs throwing punches and kicks.

Use a pepper spray, if you are carrying one with you, aiming at the mountain lion’s eyes.

You should always consider carrying a pepper spray with you every time you are going hiking or visiting a national park. You don’t know what wild animal you may face, and the spray could be your savior.

In addition to carrying a pepper spray, you should carry something that make a loud sound. This would distract the mountain lion and draw attention from people nearby.

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Have you ever encountered a mountain lion or any dangerous animal before ? Did you get attacked ? Share your story in the comment box below…

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