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Arrived as promised! Lightweight and useful!!! Thanks!!!

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Unlike what being presented in movies, quicksand won’t swallow you all the way down! Simply you are not dense enough to drown in quicksand, so this should give you some peace of mind, and this is your first step to survive, don’t panic you will be fine!

1- Don’t Freak Out

If it happened and you found yourself in quicksand don’t panic, all what you’ve seen in movies about it are just exaggerations! You will never ever get completely drown in endless sucking quicksand!

Your body is not dense enough, so instead of panic take a deep breath and do the next steps.

By the way the more air you have in your lungs, the better you will float! So take deep breaths, and fill them lungs with air to keep floating.

2- Relieve All Extra Weight

So now you are in, took control of yourself and breathing calmly, what you need to do next is taking rid of any extra weight and anything that can obstruct you and make your hands tight.

Start with the backpack you have on you. Slowly take it off your shoulders and throw it away to the solid ground if you can, unless just let it sink.

Also try your best to remove your boots or shoes because they will work against you. They will turn into sucking cups when in mud, and will make it harder for you to pull your feet.

3- No Wiggle No Jiggle

Shaking quicksand with your body and legs will make it secrete water, so it gets smoother around you and so you will sink down more!

The best thing you can do is to just try to balance your weight and float on the quicksand as described in the next step. Just think of it as you are in a swimming pool.

5- Spread Your Wait

Simply try to float on the surface of the quicksand by redistributing your weight.

If you are knee deep try to sit down slowly. If you are waist deep, lean on your back and spread your arms, while trying to pull your legs out gently from the mud.

Don’t worry when you lean down, you won’t sink! Quicksand is like a
swimming pool! Just lean on your back and pull up your legs gently.

Pull one leg at a time by wiggling it in small circles and pulling.

6- Take Your Time Then Crawl Out

Pulling out your legs from the quicksand won’t be that easy, it requires too much force and patience.

Don’t panic, take your time, and do your best to pull out one leg at a time, you will get them out eventually.

Remember that you will never drown so take your time. Once both legs are out gently flip to your belly and start crawling to the nearest solid ground.

What do you think if you have a paracord belt and it could save you from this accident ?

Have you ever experienced this before ? Share your thoughts …

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