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How To Survive Any Disasters With These 4 Simple Things…

In this section you will learn the basic needs and that your life will depend on in any endangering situation. These are the needs that any human can’t live without and that will assure his survival.

Also, you will learn the basic skills that any survivor must know in order to cope with all kinds of threats.

These are basically the how to do things, how to improvise with the nature to be by your side, as well as using the most of the potentials that we are almost not using anymore in our modern life.

So let’s start with these basics:

The most dangerous thing of disasters is that they don’t have alerts! You could be sitting on your couch at home, or on your desk at work, and boom there is a huge fire in the building, or maybe an earthquake that will tear everything apart!

Therefore having a disaster survival kit ready for being used and easy to reach is a must!

A disaster survival kit is a collection of all the basic needs that will guarantee you to survive several days till your reach help or safety.
Basically these needs are the daily basics for your survival, and the top elements you rely on in your daily life.

This does not mean stocking up your basement with canned food, smoked meat, barrels of water, and an arsenal of different kinds of arms! We’re not preparing for an apocalypse here!

An ideal survival kit should have the following:


On average, a person needs one gallon of water per day both for drinking and hygiene.

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So if your family counts five members then you should have twenty gallons of water to survive five rough days!

You should put in mind that stocking needed water is not enough! You should make sure that the water is safely stocked! Means make sure it doesn’t get polluted, leaked or damaged! (We will discuss how to protect your water reserve in later post” ) .

Also you may consider having a water filter with you in case you ran out of stocked water, and found yourself forced to drink water that you may collect.
(We will discuss how to collect water later on )


As a human you can survive a couple of days without food and just relying on water, but you don’t want to find yourself in such situation in the case of a disaster, especially watching your loved ones starving!

Also you will be in need of every bit of energy to survive and to reach safety fast! Therefore, having a source of energy is a must at any threatening situation.

So your survival kit must include food!

But you should know what food to store exactly, and your best choice will be a source that:

First, it should be ready to consume. Preparing a delicious meal in survival is not on your list of options! The easiest to consume the food the best!

Second, it should have high levels of nutrients. At survival times you will need too much energy to reach safety, eating lettuce won’t help with this!

Third, it does not spoil easily. So don’t think about stocking diary products that spoil fast and easily!

Fourth, it will be totally absorbed by your body. At survival times you won’t have time to waste on human waste! You better consume foods that will be totally used by your body.

A good example of food that meets the mentioned criteria is energy or protein bars, and dried and canned foods.

There are as well some survival made foods that you can use. These can have up to twenty years of viability!

Sources of light

There is a big chance that at a time of a disaster your power supply will shut down, therefore having a source of light is a must.

Learn more here

As for water and food, you should take in consideration every single member of your family, not just one for you! And it would be better if you consider having one or two extra, as you don’t know might one of them wouldn’t work!

Also you need to make sure that you have enough replacement batteries for every single flashlight!

Sources of fire

Fire is indispensable for your survival, either to use it as a source of heat or to cook and heat foods.

Learn more here

Having a lighter, matchstick packet, or a flint and steel kit with you is a must!

Other needs The last thing you will need to include in your disaster survival kit is medications for yourself and your family special medical conditions!

If you or a member of your family has a special medical condition such as diabetes or allergies, then packing insulin and allergy medication is not negotiable!

Also, you can add painkillers to this set of medications. (We will discuss what to include in your first aid kit in the next post).
• • •

Now you have gathered all you need for your disaster survival kit, you will have to put them in a pack that you will make it easy to reach. Better be a backpack that you can carry easily with you at harsh times.

Remember to create a pack for every single member of your family.

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Also, you might consider putting an extra bag in your car and also one at work.

Of course carrying gallons of water in your pack won’t be an easy task, so consider just adding two bottles and stock the rest in a secure and accessible place. (We will discuss this later on).

Do you totally agree with what i mentioned above ?

If you have something to add, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas in the comment below…

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