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5 Reasons Why You Should Order Optimus Prime Knives Over All The Others !

Last night, watching the next instalment of my favourite movie franchise, Transformers: Age of Extinction,

I wasn’t expecting to be inspired about Leadership.

I have always loved Transformers.

It started when I inherited my brothers priceless collection of the Hasbro toys, he had hundreds.

I went on to break them all, something I’m convinced he still hasn’t forgiven me for.

When it comes to the characterisation, I’m the kind of guy that always likes the anti-hero. The under dog.

The one that is different to everyone else, not quite perfect, has issues.

That being said, whenever anyone asks me my favourite cartoon character it’s always Optimus Prime.

I never really understood why I liked him so much.

It hit me when I watched this brilliant quote from the latest film:

Crosshairs: Ahhh, you just want to die for the guy! That’s leadership!
Drift: It’s brainwashing, or something.
Crosshairs: No…it’s Optimus Prime.

Source: Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)

In reality, its an incredibly strong sentiment. Yes, it’s a film made from a cartoon.

But that is Leadership! Interestingly, in Transformers the thing that gives all things life,

in birth and reincarnation, is called “The Matrix of Leadership”.

It may be a slight exaggeration to suggest that Leadership gives life and

takes it away but it shows the importance of Leadership to society.

It also touches on an incredible bond between Leadership and Military theories,

an modern occupation whereby life and death play a real part in leaders decision making.

So what is it that makes Optimus Prime such a fantastic Leader?

1. Commitment

One of the biggest things that separates Optimus Prime from his peers, is his commitment to his values.

This cannot be underestimated.

Optimus uses his values to guide his decision making and then he stands by that decision.

As a leader, or indeed a business, people need to know what your aim is and the manner with

which you plan to achieve it.

The ‘why’ and ‘how’ precedes the ‘what’.

They need to be clear about why you are getting up every morning and why they should follow you.

This will attract those who have the same values, as well as repel those who differ; both valuable outcomes.

2. Accountability

Things are always going wrong for poor Optimus. However, when they do he steps up.

In times of crisis the Autobots are often heard clamouring for their leader.

The definition of a hierarchy means that teams will naturally look upwards for a decision.

However, true accountability pays homage to start of the very word we are striving for; Lead-ership.

They go first. Lead your team by being among them.

Not in your corner office with the door closed and blinds down.

Optimus Prime: We lost a great comrade, but gained new ones. Thank you, all of you. You honour us with your bravery.

Source: Transformers (2007)

3. Holistic

Optimus Prime always see the bigger picture.

His peers often want to rush into things and get more readily swayed by emotion.

As a leader, you have to step back and see the biggest possible picture of your environment.

This is a strategic action, but should not be devoid of empathy.

To be a holistic leader one must understand that all actions have reactions and

the pre-emption and management of this is what it takes to go from a good leader to a great leader.

4. Humility

Admitting you’ve made a mistake has won more followers than it has ever lost.

Repeating point 1, if you lose them for this, would you want them?

This is a huge asset of Optimus.

Listening to others more than you talk at them, and understanding

where you have got something wrong, is the only way to improve and adapt to the future.

No one is perfect, and even if you think you are, the speed of change is so great that

you will be wrong tomorrow.Understand, learning never stops.

Optimus Prime: Sometimes even the wisest of men and machines can be in error

Source: Transformers (1984)

5. Emotional Intelligence

Despite the human race being constantly ungrateful, even to the point of making him their enemy,

Optimus never wavers in his values of not killing human life.

This even costs the life of some of his team.

But they all, sometimes grudgingly, sign up to this.

Optimus remains steadfast.

He rises above emotions of hate and anger.

The age of the autocratic is slowly dying.

To thrive in a world that is so rapidly changing as ours,

a Leader has to have incredible emotional intelligence skills such as honesty and empathy.

It’s not enough to learn an answer and hold it for your entire career.

You cannot be completely emotional or entirely rational,

you have to adequately jump between the two and remain focused on the goal.

Not easy, huh?

A final note of interest is that Optimus Prime’s nemesis, Megatron,

shows hints of some of these things; but in no compelling way.

The result is that he poses a real challenge but ultimately he always fails because

he is constantly dealing with desertion and internal coups.

Starscream: What the…? Megatron! You’re… you’re dead! I terminated you!

Megatron: Fool. I can not be terminated by a single blast from your puny weapon. I’m sick of your endless quest for power. Especially at the cost of losing mine!

Starscream: Don’t just stand there! DO something! Your new leader orders you to slay Megatron!

Megatron: You’re a fool Starscream if you think anyone would follow your orders

Source: Transformers (1984)

Remember that Leadership is a choice not a rank.

You may have a management title but to be a true Leader you have to make the tough decision to act like a true Leader, even when it’s easier not to.

It amazes me that looking around, a lot of cartoon or literal heroes are great leaders;

but then we still see so many bad ones in head offices everywhere.

Why when it is so obvious and there are so many role models?

Is it because the number 1 attribute of the best leaders, selflessness. ?

Is it the one that most people struggle with ?

If so , it’s not your fault. I have a simple solution for you.

Let me introduce to you a symbol of leadership –

A knife that is unlike any others…

Wear it to remind yourself that you are a leader of yourself , your family , your business team.

As a leader, you’re “sharp” and willing to “cut” through all obstacles

that prevent your followers achieving the success that they deserve. => Order today 


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